Careers and Recruitment


The Genetic Epidemiology Committee of the CGen HostSeq project is looking to build a team of talented data scientists to work together to identify genetic variation that contributes to SARS-Cov-2 infection, susceptibility, and COVID-19 disease severity by supporting ongoing investigations and by addressing independent research questions. Several openings are available for statisticians, bioinformaticians, epidemiologists, programmers, infectious disease researchers and human geneticists for staff or post-doctoral fellowship positions. See here for details.
  • Translational Quantitative Geneticist position available at Deep Genomics, a Toronto-based startup company that is building an AI-powered discovery and development platform to significantly expand the universe of medicines available for genetically-defined diseases, see posting here.


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow position available at The Hospital for Sick Children to study the interactions between the human intestinal microbiome, immune responses, and autoimmune disease. For additional details and application instructions, see here.