Public acknowledgement of CANSSI Ontario financial or in-kind assistance is a condition of receiving a grant or contribution.

Key Requirements

CANSSI Ontario Logo and Acknowledgement Text

The use of the “CANSSI Ontario” logo allows everyone to easily recognize that an activity is supported by CANSSI Ontario.

Where space and circumstances allow, a credit line that refers to CANSSI Ontario accompanies the logo. The following options may be used:

“Funded by CANSSI Ontario.”
“This project is funded [in part] by CANSSI Ontario.”
“With the participation of CANSSI Ontario.”
“This project has been made possible [in part] by CANSSI Ontario”
“We acknowledge the [financial] support of CANSSI Ontario.”

When more than one organization has provided support or there is insufficient space for a credit line, it is possible to use only the “CANSSI Ontario” logo ensuring it is in a prominent position.

The "CANSSI Ontario" logo must receive the same prominence and proportion as the logos and identifiers of other funding parties who have made a similar contribution.

To ensure the integrity of the "CANSSI Ontario" logo, some criteria must be applied. The logo may not be altered in any way. It is displayed prominently, in generous open space, free from close association with any interfering or distracting elements, and may not form part of a headline, phrase or sentence.

You can use the "CANSSI Ontario" logo and, where space allows, the acknowledgement text on printed or electronic documents, marketing materials, public reports, publications, and media products related to the funded activities. Where materials are online, the "CANSSI Ontario" logo will link to the CANSSI Ontario website, at If the funded project is a publication of a paper, book, or a magazine, the acknowledgement must be prominently displayed in the masthead or an acknowledgement page in the publication.

To allow CANSSI Ontario to share or retweet information about the funded project, recipients are asked to provide the address of their Twitter account(s) in which they publish content related to the funded activities.

Recipients are also asked to follow CANSSI Ontario on social media by subscribing on Twitter to: @CANSSIOntario

Financial support from the CANSSI Ontario must be acknowledged in press releases that refer to funding sources for the funded activities. CANSSI Ontario may provide a quote on request for inclusion in such news releases.

The "CANSSI Ontario" logo must be displayed on websites and applications (apps) related to the funded activities. Where materials are electronic, the logo must link to the CANSSI Ontario website, at

The "CANSSI Ontario" logo and, if possible, the acknowledgement text, are used when the logos of other sponsors, supporters or funding parties are displayed in advertisements and advertorials, including paid or free placements and public service announcements.

Verbal acknowledgement of CANSSI Ontario's support takes place during any speaking opportunity at media events related to the funded activities.

Examples of verbal recognition:

"I would like to acknowledge CANSSI Ontario's support for (name of activity or event). I would also like to welcome (name of representative) to our event today."

Where circumstances allow, the "CANSSI Ontario" logo is displayed on event tickets or invitations, for example, as part of activities like opening, closing, or welcoming ceremonies, receptions or other events.

In such cases, the "CANSSI Ontario" logo must be of at least equal size and prominence of those of any other sponsor, supporter or funding party who has made a similar contribution.

CANSSI Ontario Logos

You can download ZIP files containing JPEG, PNG and EPS versions of the logo.

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