International Day of Women and Girls in Science | 2021

On December 22, 2015, the United Nations General Assembly established February 11 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science “to recognize the critical role women and girls play in science and technology”.

With this post we want to recognize and profile women in statistical sciences at CANSSI Ontario partner universities.

Thank you to everyone for kindly participating in this post and on the CANSSI Ontario Twitter feed.

Brock University

  1. Tianyu Guan, Assistant Professor

Carleton University

  1. Shirley E. Mills, Associate Professor

McMaster University

  1. Pratheepa Jeganathan, Assistant Professor
  2. Sharon McNicholas, Assistant Professor

Queen’s University

  1. Hwashin Hyun Shin, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Research Scientistm at Health Canada
  2. Devon Lin, Associate Professor

University of Guelph

  1. Ayesha Ali, Associate Professor
  2. Lorna Deeth, Associate Professor
  3. Zeny Feng, Professor
  4. Julie Horrocks, Professor

University of Ottawa

  1. Raluca Balan, Professor
  2. Kelly Burkett, Associate Professor
  3. Maia Fraser, Associate Professor
  4. Jemila S. Hamid, Professor
  5. Termeh Kousha, Adjunct Professor and Executive Director of the Canadian Mathematical Society
  6. Tanya Schmah, Associate Professor

University of Toronto

  1. Elif Acar, Associate Professor
  2. Monica Alexander, Assistant Professor
  3. Liza Bolton, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
  4. Shelley Bull, Senior Investigator, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and Professor
  5. Samantha-Jo Caetano, Assistant Professor
  6. Katherine Daignault, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
  7. Gwendolyn Eadie, Assistant Professor
  8. Alison Gibbs, Professor
  9. Jessica Gronsbell, Assistant Professor
  10. Vianey Leos Barajas, Assistant Professor
  11. Wendy Lou, Professor
  12. Nathalie Moon, Assistant Professor
  13. Silvana Pesenti, Assistant Professor
  14. Nancy Reid, University Professor
  15. Shivon Sue-Chee, Assistant Professor
  16. Lei Sun, Professor
  17. Bethany White, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  18. Vicki Zhang, Associate Professor

University of Waterloo

  1. Charmaine Dean, Professor and Vice-President,
    Research and International
  2. Liqun Diao, Research Assistant Professor
  3. Lucy Gao, Assistant Professor
  4. Mary Hardy, Professor
  5. Christiane Lemieux, Professor
  6. Mary Thompson, Distinguished Professor Emerita
  7. Yingli Qin, Associate Professor
  8. Fan Yang, Assistant Professor
  9. Leilei Zeng, Associate Professor
  10. Yeying Zhu, Associate Professor


Western University

  1. Camila de Souza, Assistant Professor
  2. Shu Li, Assistant Professor
  3. Kristina Sendova, Associate Professor and Chair, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
  4. Grace Yi, Professor

Wilfrid Laurier University

  1. Cristina Stoica, Professor
  2. Xu (Sunny) Wang, Associate Professor
  3. Zilin Wang, Associate Professor

York University

  1. Yuejiao Cindy Fu, Associate Professor
  2. Xin Gao, Professor
  3. Hanna Jankowski, Professor

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