ICES UofT Data Access Grants


CANSSI Ontario and ICES UofT are pleased to announce two grants of up to $10,000 intended to bring together faculty from different disciplines to work on projects using ICES data.

The grants will cover costs associated with accessing and working with ICES data through the ICES satellite site at the University of Toronto (ICES UofT).

The grants will be accepted on a rolling basis until two grants have been funded for a given academic year.

How to Apply

To apply for a grant, you must submit:

• A one-page budget, and
• A one- to two-page study proposal

Project proposals and budgets must include ICES UofT analyst time to create a new ICES dataset.

Each proposal must include at least two faculty members appointed in different academic units including University of Toronto departments, divisions, faculties, or affiliated research institutes.

The supervisors must include an ICES UofT scientist and a faculty member who holds a primary, status, or cross-appointment in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto.  An ICES UofT scientist team member can be identified after proposal submission, with the help of the ICES at U of T site director.

Allowable Expenses

In addition to the requirement for ICES UofT analyst time to create a new dataset, other allowable project expenses include:

  • • Costs associated with VPN access and high-performance computing.
  • • ICES IT support/services and data storage
  • • Data linkage and integration costs
  • • Data quality/information management
Expectations and Commitments

Priority will be given to proposals that include a faculty member or trainee who has not previously accessed ICES data.

This grant program is expected to bring together faculty from different disciplines to work on projects using ICES data through a shared University of Toronto community trainee at a Master’s, Doctoral, or Postdoctoral level.

For projects that are approved for grant funding, an ICES UofT scientist and an analyst affiliated with one of the ICES UofT Partners will work with the funded team to

• develop the funding plan,
• gain a deeper understanding of the data sources,
• further develop a feasible proposal, and
• work closely with the trainee and faculty throughout the project.

Specifically, the ICES UofT scientist and the analyst will also work with the study team to:

• create a data creation plan,
• build the project dataset,
• submit the dataset to ICES central for quality assurance inspection (e.g. check for small cells to safeguard data confidentiality), and
• deliver the dataset for the study team in a timely manner to meet team and trainee deadlines.

About ICES

ICES is a not-for-profit research institute that provides a secure and accessible array of Ontario’s health-related data, with a community of researchers and clinical experts conducting research with these data.

ICES data is available to a restricted group of affiliated researchers through a central site, as well as through satellite sites across the province including ICES UofT hosted at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.