Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Program at the U of T Department of Statistical Sciences


The Department of Statistical Sciences (DoSS) at the University of Toronto and CANSSI Ontario have partnered to offer doctoral positions through a Multidisciplinary Doctoral (Mdoc) training program in the DoSS.


The funding package is the same as for other DoSS doctoral students, including TA assignments.


  1. CANSSI Ontario Mdocs will have two (2) research supervisors: one from the DoSS and another from another academic unit at the University of Toronto or at an affiliated research institute or hospital.
  2. Research and training of CANSSI Ontario Mdocs is expected to be multidisciplinary and data-driven.
  3. Research outputs are to include publication(s)/submission(s) in the (scholarly) domains of both supervisors.


One supervisor must have an appointment in the DoSS.

The other supervisor must be appointed in a:

• different department in the Faculty of Arts & Science at U of T,
• different U of T faculty, or
• University-affiliated research institutes or hospitals.

International or domestic students admitted for doctoral studies in the DoSS.


Project submissions: November 15, 2022

Faculty members who wish to supervise a CANSSI Ontario mdoc will submit a multidisciplinary project proposal by November 15, 2022. Application instructions and requirements are listed below.

Doctoral applicants to the DoSS should opt to be considered for a CANSSI mdoc in their online application for doctoral studies. Their application for doctoral studies will be reviewed and chosen by faculty members with an approved CANSSI mdoc proposal, if applicable.

How to Apply

CANSSI Ontario invites supervisors to propose research projects to this program.  Supervisors with approved projects will select students admitted to the DoSS doctoral program who noted interest in the Mdoc program in their graduate school application. 

Each year as many as three students may be accepted as CANSSI Mdocs from the students who apply for doctoral studies in the DoSS.

The DoSS Mdoc program welcomes interest from students with strong backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, or related disciplines from colleges and universities in Canada and Internationally.

  1. the motivating problem (1 page);
  2. the data that will be used in the project proposal (1/2 page);
  3. the names, positions, a relevant publication reference, and research expertise of the supervisors (1/2 page); and
  4. an explicit multi-disciplinary training plan (1 page). Please also mention if this is a new or existing collaboration between the proposed faculty supervisors. The training plan does not require that the student be enrolled in course work from a second domain outside of the DoSS, but a plan must be in place to ensure adequate training in the domain-specific area of application can be achieved.
  5. Since this award only supports the student funding package, the proposal should include a statement on the budget required to complete the project and the source of funds in place to cover these costs (if applicable). 

CANSSI Ontario will match up to three students to an approved research project/supervisory team.

Click here to access the online application form.

In the online application for doctoral studies in the DoSS there is an option to click if you are interested in the CANSSI mdoc program.  Interested applicants should choose this option in their doctoral studies application form. Accepted applicants for doctoral studies in the DoSS who expressed interest in the mdoc program will be considered for approved faculty mdoc projects.


  • Mdocs are expected to:
    • report yearly (by July 1) on their progress, with specific reference to their multidisciplinary training plan and progress towards scholarly output in their respective training fields.
  • • contribute to a CANSSI-Ontario research day.
  • • participate in  workshops, networking and training events.


CANSSI Ontario mdocs have the PhD program requirements of their chosen DoSS field, but will have two research supervisors, one from the DoSS and a second from another academic unit. The supervisor from the second field could be appointed in another department in the Faculty of Arts and Science, in another University of Toronto Faculty, or in one of the affiliated research institutes or hospitals. The research and training of a CANSSI Ontario mdoc is expected to be multidisciplinary and data-driven, with research output that includes publication or submission to the scholarly domains of both supervisors.

Faculty members who wish to supervise a CANSSI Ontario mdoc will submit a multidisciplinary project proposal to CANSSI Ontario by November 15, 2021. The applications will be adjudicated by a CANSSI Ontario appointed grant review panel. Notification of approved proposals will be sent out prior to the graduate admissions committee meeting. Doctoral applicants who opted to be considered for a CANSSI Ontario mdoc will be reviewed and chosen by the faculty members with approved CANSSI mdoc proposals, for project suitability.

Deadline to Apply: November 15, 2022.

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