Announcing CANSSI Ontario’s 2022 cohort of Mdoc Program Trainees: Ruyi Pan

Ruyi Pan is a PhD student in the Department of Statistical Sciences (DoSS), working under the joint supervision of Dr. Jun Young Park (DoSS and Department of Psychology), Dr. Nancy Reid (DoSS), and Dr. Aristotle N. Voineskos (Department of Psychiatry and Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)).

Together, they will work on the Mdoc project “Integrative approaches in neuroimaging data analysis with applications to brain disorders”. They are dedicated to developing statistical methodologies tailored for the integrative analysis of diverse neuroimaging data, including but not limited to fMRI, sMRI, and dMRI, to unlock valuable insights within different brain disorders.

Ruyi’s research interests are high-dimensional statistics and statistics theory applicable to neuroimaging data. She obtained her Master’s degree in statistics at the University of Toronto. Prior to that, she received her BA in computer science at the University of Waterloo.

Currently, Ruyi is working on statistical inference on multi-modality data. In parallel, she actively contributes her expertise as a data analyst at CAMH and enriches her domain knowledge of neuroimaging study.

CANSSI Ontario launched the Multidisciplinary Doctoral (Mdoc) Training Program in the DoSS in 2019. Students admitted to the Mdoc Program can be domestic or international and will receive the same funding package as the other doctoral students entering the DoSS including Teaching Assistant assignments. Learn more.

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