Dr. Sina Mehdizadeh awarded a CANSSI Ontario Top-up Award for Postdoctoral Fellows in Data Science

Image of Dr. Sina Mehdizadeh's CANSSI Ontario top-up award announcement

His project “Deep learning to predict optimality of future foot placements in walking of older adults” is under the supervision of Drs. Babak Taati and Andrea Iaboni at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute of the University Health Network in Toronto.

Between 20% and 30% of seniors fall each year and falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors. Most falls happen during walking. To avoid a fall, one must place their foot in a proper position. The ability of proper foot placement, however, is deteriorated in older adults which puts them at higher risk of falls.

The goal of this project is to develop deep learning models that can determine foot placement optimality in older adults’ walking, and use it to analyze a cohort of older adults.

Dr. Sina Mehdizadeh researches the neuromechanics of human locomotion. In other words, understanding the principles underlying control of walking balance and using these principles to design rehabilitation protocols for affected groups such as older adults at risk of falls. His research results have been published in premier academic journals in the field of biomechanics, motor control, and gerontology.

CANSSI Ontario offers top-up opportunities for postdoctoral fellows interested in pursuing multidisciplinary, data-driven research. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more.

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