Announcing CANSSI Ontario’s 2020 cohort of Mdoc Program Trainees: Dayi Li

Mdoc Program Announcement. Photos of Drs. Gwen Eadie, Roberto Abraham, Patrick Brown and U of T DoSS PhD candidate Dayi Li

Dayi (David) is a PhD student in the Department of Statistical Sciences (DoSS) at the University of Toronto. He works under the supervision of Drs. Gwen Eadie (DoSS and Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics), Roberto Abraham (Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics), and Patrick Brown (DoSS and Centre for Global Health Research, St. Michael’s Hospital).

Together, they will work on Mdoc project Discovering Ultra Diffuse Galaxies with Spatial Statistics. This work could be highly useful in helping astronomers to probe galaxy formation and dark matter.

Dayi’s research interests focus on the emerging new field of astrostatistics. Specifically, he takes interests in spatial statistics, Bayesian computation, and statistical pattern recognition.

Dayi obtained his Master’s degree in statistics at Western University under the supervision of Drs. Pauline Barmby and Ian McLeod where he worked on point process modelling of star clusters in the M33 galaxy in an attempt to better understand star formation process.

Dayi obtained his undergraduate degree in financial modelling at Western University, for which he was awarded the gold medal for achieving the highest graduating average among his cohort.

CANSSI Ontario launched the Multidisciplinary Doctoral (Mdoc) Training Program in the DoSS in 2019. Students admitted to the Mdoc Program can be domestic or international and will receive the same funding package as the other doctoral students entering the DoSS including Teaching Assistant assignments. Learn more.

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